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Barefoot Successes - Be Inspired!

The Ultimate Enjoyment Factor - Training that Enhances Soundness.

All over the world riders have been embracing the benefits of keeping horses barefoot. They have chosen to remove doubts about hoof soundness from their schedule, knowing they can concentrate on their training instead. We salute them as its a hard thing to buck tradition. 

Its time to let go of the romance of steel horse shoes so our perforance horses can have long and sound careers.  Below are a few of those elite riders in very different disciplines, who followed their instincts and proved that equine athletes are faster, stronger, more sure footed when working in harmony with their biomechanics.

Garrett Ford is the President of Easycare Inc.  He has done a great deal to highlight the benefits of using boots for competitive horses . He and his team have continually won in endurance competitions using  Glove Glue on Shells, truly showing the way for other riders.  He has also helped other top Olympic dressage riders overcome serious hoof issues that were destroying their careers, and his products have aided their top horses transition out of steel. He has also shown how racing horses can benefit greatly from improved hoof protection.

The Fury, pictured above was known as the “hell-fire horse” but with Garrett he went on to win the 2010 Tevis Cup and the 2012 Haggin Cup. His achievements include 32 race completions, 16 Best Conditions, and 12 first place finishes.   Read more:

Easycare Inc. the US manufacturer of hoof boots and Easyshoes has ten Arabian track horses currently racing at Arapahoe Park in Colorado. They say they find that these horses can train more, and experience less leg issues when they’re wearing the  EasyShoe Compete.     Garret Ford reports that legs stay cool because the easyshoe provides more shock absorption and allows the hoof to work as nature intended. 

Australian racing thoroughbreds could benefit greatly from embracing the advancements in hoof protection.  

Both Peder Frederickson's All In, and Henrik von Eckermann's King Edward, were barefoot throughout the Olympics, with Frederickson and All In adding individual silver to the Swedish team's gold medal.  Not only did they jump more clear rounds than any other nation, but two of the horses did it all without shoes.    Read more:

Have you heard the news? The United States Olympic Dressage Team won silver medals in Tokyo! Congratulations to Adrienne Lyle, Steffen Peters, and Sabine Schut-Kery!   What you may not know is that Adrienne Lyle’s horse, Salvino, and Sabine Schut-Kery’s horse, Sanceo, were both wearing  EasyShoes!      Read more:

Melissa Longhurst with Pioneer Park Wings of Sudan, pictured above, won this prestigious Shahzada event in 38 hours and 56 minutes using  Easyboot Glue-On shells. The second place horse took 42 hours and 37 minutes. Three and a half hours longer!

The most gruelling and difficult long distance endurance ride in Australia is The Shahzada.  400 Kilometres of steep, mountainous and rocky trails. Melissa is an Equine Podiotherapist (professional rehabilitative hoof trimmer) so of course wants the absolute best hoof protection for her endurance horse. Only six weeks prior to this event, Melissa also won The Pioneer Trek, another 400 kilometer race, on the same horse! Melissa and her horse have completed and won both the Shahzada and the Pioneer two years running now!  This is truly outstanding.

This ride covers 400 kilometers (about 249 miles) in the mountains and valley around the town of St Albans in Australia. Much of it requires riders to travel on the road verge or edge of the tar.  Melissa reported that she was able to move at speed along these sections as the Easycare glue on shells gave her great grip on these surfaces and lessened concussion.  

Her goal in her lead up training over many months is to reduce concussion and completely protect the hoof capsule. She chose the  Easyboot Glue-On shells for this purpose because they meet these requirements.

I present these riders featured above to inspire you.  There is no magic trick to having healthy sound horses working in harmony with their own biomechanics.  Just replace steel with hoof protection that mimics the horses' natural hoof functions.  That hoof protection is out there now ready to take you to the top.

If you are a trainer, farrier or owner of an elite sports horse then imagine never having to worry about those vague lamenesses again!  If you would like to talk about moving your horses out of shoes please contact us.