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Equine Hoof Health is not complicated and not just the realm of the farrier as we used to believe.  

For all lotions and potions for dealing with those crafty hoof bugs hiding in those cracks we recommend the products made by Bare Equine. 

Bare Equine:  

The owner Julie Wright is a professional Equine Podiotherapist and Equine Myofunctional Therapist has developed products for use in her own busniness.  They proved so popular she now offers them to horse owners, trimmers and farriers.  They are all natural and easy to use and better still they work. 

There is detailed information on the Bare Equine website that explains why horses have conditions like thrush, and seedy toe and why these products assist in overcoming these issues.

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Equine Nutrition Information:

For help with your horse's diet we recommend Dr. Ellanor Kellon's information.

Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD | ECIR Group, Inc.

There are many companies that offer pre made feeds for horses.  Feeds for laminitis, feeds for coat health, feeds to keep your horse calm, but most of these are a one size fits all approach to equine nutrition. You may be overloading your horse with unnecessary additives or they may be missing out on vital nutrients.  The only way to know is to learn more about the needs of the equine truly are.  They are actually quite simple and probably cheaper than the multitude of things you are feeding now.

Dr. Ellanor Kellon a veterinary nutrition expert from the US offers  on her website a huge amount of information that will help you choose the best diets for your horse based on what they actually need. 

She is not aligned to any feed company and her dietary information is based on years of scientific research alone.  She also helps horse owners understand the impacts of that which we take for granted....the grasses in your pasture! She also has an informative forum for the owners of horses suffering Equine Cushings Syndrome too.

As owner and chief volunteer of the Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance outreach group, Dr. Kellon (Veterinary Nutrition Expert) is an invaluable resource, educating and supporting horse owners. She also offers online courses for horse owners who want to delve deeply into equine nutrition.

Many of her students offer professional advice to horse owners in many countries and their details are available on her website.

  There is a great resource just a click away. 

Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD | ECIR Group, Inc.     

If you have a Cushings Syndrome or Insulin Resistant Horse see:    https://www.ecirhorse.org › Eleanor-Kellon

As owner and chief volunteer of the Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance outreach group, DrKellon is an invaluable resource, educating and supporting horse owners.

  Pasture:  The single most important thing in your horse's diet.  It can founder an over weight horse, it can destroy an insulin resistant horse or it can leave horses devoid of minerals like calcium and cause bone weakness and "big head".  Learn more about the effects of different types of pasture at Safergrass.Org.

For Professional advice for the rehabilitation of serious hoof issues we recommend these texts.

If you have a horse with laminitis or Navicular Syndrome then they will help guide you and your farrier, through the step by step to recovery.  There are also simple texts and dvds explaining how to do a great mantenance trim yourself.

Andrew Bowe - The Pony That Didn't Die

A text on Laminitis Recovery that every horse owner should have!

Andrew Bowe is a Master farrier and Equine Podiotherapist and runs a rehabilitation centre for seriously laminitic horses where he works with vets on the worst of cases.  In this text he details everything that the horse owner (and farrier) needs to know about laminitis recovery with rehabilitative barefoot strategies and diet.  

This book shows how a fundamental shift in the way laminitic hooves are managed can possibly rectify even the most serious cases; a shift away from traditional treatment with corrective shoeing to ‘barefoot’ rehabilitation.

This book puts into layman’s language the mechanical processes at play in laminitic hooves and shows not only how to stop the damage from getting worse, but also how to restore structural soundness.

A comprehensive, step by step action plan to combat laminitic episodes is included and is supported by actual case studies that show how to solve a broad range of different laminitic scenarios.

Packed with easy to read information and over 400 colour photos, this ground breaking text is not just for owners of laminitic horses, but it is a vital read for all horse owners; a reference to be kept within reach. You can learn how to prevent laminitis but also what to do if your horse succumbs to this insidious disease.

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Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot: Pete Ramey

Great texts on trimming and rehabilitation for serious hoof issues.  Pete Ramey has been a ground breaking trimmer and researcher in the US and presents his work in several texts on trimming and rehab.

Texts and videos available on his website shop  Click here to read more

Insight into Equus - by Veterinarian Thomas Teskey:

Dr. Tomas Teskey received a Bachelor's degree in Botany from Northern Arizona University in 1991, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 1995. He has practiced large animal medicine and surgery in Arizona since graduation, with the majority of his work focusing on horses.  He was one of the first vets to reach out to his professional collegues and the public when he became aware of the damage being done to our domestic horses with steel horse shoes.  

Taking a special interest in equine podiatry since 2001, he became a passionate supporter or the barefoot performance horse, and published "The Unfettered Foot, A Paradigm Change for Equine Podiatry", in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science in February, 2005. His book Insight into Equus covers all aspects of horse keeping.

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