Equethy Pty Ltd

About Equethy

Why?        Equethy Pty Ltd was formed over twenty years ago by barefoot hoofcare enthusiasts, endurance riders, and horse owners.  After seeing the huge changes in our own horses when we took them barefoot we felt the slow change away from traditional hoof care was (and is)  one of the greatest equine welfare issues of our time.  Equethy was our way to remedy that fact.

At first we educated horse owners in the skill of barefoot trimming, and from these small workshops we realised that most people would not be able to continue riding as they always had without using hoof boots.  Eventually we co-founded a government accredited Diploma course in rehabilitative hoof care teaching Equine Podiotherapy.

We networked with leading boot manufacturers who were committed to developing the very best hoof boots available, those who also had a passion for continual research and development that delivered better boots.

We chose our stock from two companies that we felt offered the very best available.  Easycare Inc. and Equine Fusion.  We are now the largest importers and retailers of hoof boots and easyshoes in Australia.

Where?      We are an Australian based company located in NSW. We ship with Australia Post to all parts of Australia and New Zealand, as their postal network extends to all corners of our vast country.

Who?  We are headed by Mike Ware, an Equine Podiotherapist who understands your horse's particular needs when it comes to navicular syndrome, laminitis and the rehabilitation of serious hoof issues.   Our admin staff have vast experience in helping customers with boot choices and can suggest which boot is best for your horse and your type of riding.

Our websites have information on how to measure your horse for boots.  We suggest you go online and check this out prior to contacting us, as measurements for each horse are often different, even from hoof to hoof on the same horse.  Measurements do not equate to shoe sizes.

We welcome trade enquiries from veterinarians, trainers, professional trimmers and farriers. We service the professional trimmers of Australia and can offer discounts etc for professional hoof care providers.  Please mark trade emails for the attention of our Manager Mike Ware. 

Contact:    www.easycaredownunder.com.au

admin@easycaredownunder.com.au     Ph 02 44573022