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It's actually very easy to be bare!

Equethy presents "Bare With Me" as a resource site. Our aim is to assist those who are very new to barefoot horse keeping from havingto cut through the huge amount of misinformation circulating online.  We offer twenty years of experience with guiding customers through transitioning to barefoot booted riding.  Opinions stated here are not intended as veterinary advice, but the video content on equine research presented by Professor Bowker is!

There are three major factors that should

influence your barefoot choices:

1      The Enjoyment Factor - Is your hoof protection helping or hindering?

Barefoot horse keeping isn't difficult.  It actually isn't, so forget all those myths about boots flying off.  Even for high speed competition if they fit properly they stay in place in all conditions. The fun factor?  Its fun to know your horse is free from hoof pain and having fun too.  Your time on their back should never be a punishment.

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2      Difficulty - Hoof Boots are actually not difficult to use.

They are actually very easy and just another item of tack.  They really are as easy to use as your saddle. On this site I talk about the major brands Equethy are familiar with because I love them and have used them and believe they are the very best availale. If you are not Australian and reading this I suggest you purchase from a dealer in your own country and avoid international shipping costs.

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3     The Science - It can no longer be ignored, steel shoes deform horses hooves.

The research most horse owners are basing their choices on is not new. Those who have moved away from steel shoes have read it and feel it makes perfect sense.  The studies have been growing in number for twenty years now, just as the numbers of horses rehabilitated by barefoot trimmers has exploded.  The science should be known by every vet and farrier that lifts a horse's hoof, but sadly the romance of horse shoeing is holding back so much necessary change.

Knowing you personally have made a informed choice based on solid research gives you peace of mind, no matter what others say.  Demand better for your horse than tired last century hoof care.

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